How to Obtain C of O title for a state-owned land property

In the last open discussion of Wonder Double Global Solutions Limited, where the Real Estate and Construction company interacts with some Real Estate enthusiasts and their clients on the basic things to know about C of O, many questions were raised that suggested the need to further discuss the steps and guidelines in obtaining the title.

Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy C of O requires following a strict procedure that will take a minimum of 21 working days to complete. The procedure will include checking if the property is not already registered by another person before and many other due diligence will be observed in the process. These procedures can be very different for different situations depending on who is selling the property (the owner of the property).

Steps to take in Obtaining C of O for State-Owned Land

  • Applicant purchase and submit application pack to Land Use Allocation Committee (LUAC)
  • Collection of acknowledgement slip
  • Applicant collects letter of offer of allocation (1 day)
  • Applicants pay for allocated land (within 90 days)
  • Applicant is issued a letter of confirmation with plot and block number (Note that full payments must be made before Plots & Blocks are allocated)
  • The Scheme Officer processes application for C of O
  • The Scheme Officer signs off on the file and forwards files to Executive Secretary LUAC (5 days)
  • The Surveyor General provides Scheme Officer with digitised survey (2 days)
  • The Executive Secretary LUAC approves processing and signs letter of allocation
  • The Executive Secretary LUAC signs off on the file
  • The Executive Secretary LUAC sends file to the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Lands (2 days)
  • The Senior Special Assistant (Lands) vets entire file and sends file/application with a covering memo to the Permanent Secretary (PS) Lands Bureau (2 days)
  • If file has a query, message is relayed back by notification; PS Lands signs off on the memo and sends file to Governor (2 days)
  • The Governor approves file and electronically signs the C of O (2 days)
  • If the file has a query, a message is relayed back by notification.
  • Upon approval and signing of C of O, the Governor signs off and sends file to the Deputy Registrar for further processing (2 days)
  • The Deputy Registrar processes file further, signs off and send the file to the Registrar of Titles for final registration (2 days)
  • The Registrar of Titles registers the C of O, signs off and request for printing of C of O (1 day)

Documents You Need for a State-Owned Land

Before starting the process of requesting the Certificate of Occupancy C of O for a state-owned land, you need to understand the requirements and know the papers (document) you will need at different level of the process.

  • A formal Letter addressed to the Executive Secretary
  • A Standard Allocation Form with receipt
  • Evidence of Income Tax payment
  • White Background passport photograph (4 copies)
  • Current development levy (For companies, you need evidence of payment of Income Tax of Two Directors and Development Levy)
  • A survey plan
  • All payment receipts of Land Charges
  • Vital Information Form


Obtaining C of O for a state-owned land can be much more easier compared to a non-state owned lands but in both cases, due diligence is necessary and there is a need to have experts and professionals supervising the process because there is always a possibility you will end up with fake and cloned document. It will be much convenient to buy land directly from Real Estate companies like Wonder Double Global Investment that already have the experience and knowledge of the process and can assist you from start to finish without you breaking a sweat and taking unnecessary risks.

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